Rugby Shirts Will Get You Through Spring in Style

This year more than most others in my memory, every brand and designer under the sun has come up with their own take on the classic rugby. Whether it’s the fact that the kinda polo, kinda sports jersey top blurs the line between casual and business wear (read: smart casual) or that athletic clothing has taken over fashion is anyone’s guess. None of that really matters though when the shirt is so right for the season, when the temperature can drop 20 degrees within a few hours. You can wear the shirt by itself or layered up with a light jacket. If you care at all about your style, you are doing yourself a disservice by not having at least one in your wardrobe. Whether you want a solid color or a crazy pattern, budget brand or high-end, there is a rugby shirt that will meet your needs. These are my favorites on sale right now.

JW Anderson

JW Anderson tries his hand at the rebuilt trend that’s been gaining traction, designing a rugby that is eminently wearable.

Rowing Blazers

A super preppy shirt from Rowing Blazers that will go perfect with a navy blazer or jeans.

Billionaire Boys Club

Speaking of preppy, this rugby looks like it’s designed more for sailing boats, complete with zip collar and kangaroo pouch, than running a ball down the field.

Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton

Tommy Hilfiger’s decision to bring the Formula One driver in for a collaboration is just the latest in a long line of brands working with sports celebrities. This one’s not only fun but also functional with an attached hood.


Leave it to Gucci to design something both fashion forward and basic looking at the same time.


The reasonably-priced streetwear brand continues to produce on-point clothing.


Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. (Also awesome.)

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone’s quality is so great and this combination of yellow and navy is eye-catching and versatile. Plus, it’s on clearance!


You’ll be surprised how much a little color can do for your mood. Not to mention the favorable looks you’ll get on the street from the emblazoned logo.

Remi Relief

This one’s perfect for the guy who doesn’t want a boring rugby but just wants to get his feet wet. Also perfect for toning down an outfit that’s already loud enough.

Mr P.

When Mr P. first started, their focus was mainly on high quality basics that won’t break the bank. It’s safe to say they’re beginning to branch out into more adventurous territory.

Polo Ralph Lauren

What I love about this one is the punch that the red collar and embroidered crest give to the rest of the basic shirt. It’s just enough to keep it from being boring.

Aimé Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore has proven themselves especially adept at dialing into the fusion of sportswear and fashion.


Being the younger, estranged sibling of Band of Outsiders, Entireworld displays their keen ability to deliver top quality and versatile style at a reasonable price point.

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