Stuff I’m Digging This Week

Palace on Farfetch

For the uninitiated, Palace is basically the British response to Supreme, the American skateboarding shop and clothing brand. As skateboarding and skaterwear became more popular across the pond, they needed their own brands that exhumed their culture better. Some argue their clothes are better made, but they are certainly less mainstream and more understated. Unbeknownst to me, the label is now available on Farfetch. I might be rocking the clothes soon.

Landlord T-Shirt

Neon clothing has reached massive popularity over the last couple years along with the resurgence of the 90s. Truth be told, the colors look quite good against an otherwise neutral outfit. If you don’t want to go all in on the trend, a simple tee is easy enough to pull off.

Premiata Shoes

I love learning the rich history of brands I’ve never heard of. Premiata didn’t begin making shoes as a brand until 1991, but the family traditions that birthed the company go back two generations to 1885. While the shoes have a more streetwear look, you can bet that they not only fit like a dream but are also built to last.

August Doorbell Camera

I’ve been very slow at buying into the whole smart home concept, but my eyes were opened to the concept’s utility when I bought an August Smart Lock. Now I just walk in the door instead of digging my key out and fiddling with the keyhole at night. This doorbell might be next on my list. You can get an alert on your phone when someone rings it, see them via the camera, then (if you have the Smart Lock) unlock the door for them. We are living in the future. Or Back to the Future.

Gucci Plaid Trousers

I told you I love plaid pants! Gucci seems to make all the best ones (even if they do cost a mortgage payment).

Armand Diradourian Eye Mask

One piece of wisdom my husband has imparted upon me is that an eye mask and some ear plugs can promote great sleep, especially in a city. I’ll be damned if I’m going to sleep with a polyester piece of junk on my face all night. Sign me up for cashmere and silk!

JW Anderson Sweater

JW Anderson is well-known for mixing traditional British wear with modern design. This is very evident in this unisex sweater which only comes in one size. It also plays on the popular art print I’ve mentioned before.

Needles T-Shirt

I love Needles and their Japanese-infused take on American streetwear. They are also one of the few labels that I feel can make re-constructed clothing look good. Their t-shirts go on my must-buy list every year (though I have yet to pull the trigger).

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