Stuff I’m Digging This Week

Schoolhouse Side Table

Last week’s little visit to the Schoolhouse website got me to look at this new bad boy they have in stock. This thing is handsome enough to serve as either a nightstand or an end table with plenty of storage built in for both.

Rhude Plaid Overcoat

I’ll give you the short version and simply tell you that plaid is HUGE right now. Seems like every label from Todd Snyder to Gucci is going all in on the pattern with wacky variations. Plaid coats are especially big, and this one looks like a dream. I love Rhude for their modern takes on classic menswear staples.

$2 off Hulu Subscription

Remember the uproar Netflix caused a few weeks ago when they said they were raising the price on their subscriptions? I have feelings on that, but I won’t get into it here. Anyway, Hulu made the best move ever and said that, in response, they would be lowering the cost of their own subscription service. The catch is that it’s only for their higher-tier no-ads service, but still, it was pretty genius marketing. It convinced me to upgrade.

Ovadia x Mouse T-shirt

Yeah I know, another collab. I’m not going to highlight the entire thing like I did last time, even though I really want to. Ovadia & Sons, another label that blends streetwear and fashion, has teamed up with Grateful Dead album cover artist Stanley Mouse to capitalize on the popularity of tie-dyed and GD-style clothing. This tee is just one of many pieces I find interesting. You might want to take a look at this gorgeous sequined jacket while you’re at it.

Burberry Plaid Trousers

I told you plaid was huge right now! Another thing that’s big is wearing clashing plaids together in the same outfit, as displayed here. I have a confession to make. Ever since I played through Persona 5, I’ve been dying to own a badass pair of plaid pants like the ones the Phantom Thieves wore to school. They don’t have to be exactly the same color scheme, but something audacious yet versatile would be great. This pair fits the bill.

HMS Owl Air Control Tower

I am always on the hunt for new travel experiences, which is one reason I follow Uncrate. They like to show off interesting places to stay or own like this old renovated military control tower in Scotland. The industrial furnishings sleep up to 4 with a king-sized bed overlooking the sunset. It even has a hot tub!

Kingdom Hearts III

After 14 years of waiting, we finally got the end to this long-running, beloved series. Reviews are out and they are mostly good. The one major drawback I’ve heard about the game is that the Final Fantasy characters were completely forgotten and left out, which is a bummer. Unfortunately, due to my sizable backlog which I decided I’d complete before starting on more modern games, I won’t be getting to this one for quite some time. Though exceptions have been made in the past.

One thought on “Stuff I’m Digging This Week

  1. The schoolhouse side table looks a lot like a previous nightstand you owned, wooden with the drawers that were hard to open. 🙂


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