Stuff I’m Digging [from Last] Week

I’m going to be playing catch up this week because for the better part of last week I was sick and couldn’t bring myself to open my laptop. Lucky for us, the world of consumerism never rests, and there are always plenty of things catching my eye. Without further ado, let me go over those things that I would have reported on had I been feeling well.

Mr Porter x Off-White

Virgil Abloh has been quite busy lately. You may have noticed that last week I was digging on Men’s Fashion Week Paris and featured his second collection at Louis Vuitton. It seems at the same time, he was working on this handsome capsule collection with Mr Porter. The collaboration is filled with pieces that perfectly unite the modern, bold streetwear of the designer with the classic, minimalist sensibilities of the retailer.

Uggs for Men

Whoever told you only women should wear Uggs was sorely misinformed. They make a number of different men’s models, but the classic one that we all associate the brand with complements everything in your closet. Having initially gained popularity with Australian surfers, the boots are quite masculine on their own, but lately, designers are showing new takes on the footwear. I’m partial to this one from Sacai, but there are others available.

Our Legacy Reversible Sherpa Vest

Our Legacy is one of my favorite labels for their minimalist style at a very reasonable price point. Though this vest isn’t shearling, it’s still perfect for layering with your shirts and jackets for a little extra warmth with some additional style points. What makes the piece even more versatile is that it’s reversible, so if sherpa isn’t really your thing, you can show off the cotton shell instead.

John Elliott Cargo Shorts

I reported a while back how the once demonized garment is now suddenly en vogue. Look no further than the genius Mr. Elliott, the man who made sweats cool again, to redefine cargo shorts as well. It should be noted that the cargo pockets are nowhere near as big as they were in the 90s, but all the same, they add just a little bit of heft to the bottom portion of the silhouette.

Rimowa iPhone Case

Hands down, Rimowa makes some of the best suitcases in the world. Thoroughly designed with the worldly traveler in mind, the sleek, aluminum alloy frames combine with features like state-of-the-art castors, locks, and handles to provide the ultimate in luxury. Now, all that luxury comes in a matching iPhone XS case. Though it’s sold out at press time, be on the lookout for restocks because I’m sure they will come.

Schoolhouse Light Fixture

Apparently Schoolhouse Electric changed their name to just Schoolhouse recently. I confess I have a love-hate relationship with the company. They charge for shipping which doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, but when you consider the fact that they charge $500 for a light fixture, you kind of assume shipping would come for free. Even then, it isn’t fast by any means. Nevertheless, I love their design. This fixture isn’t $500, but it would be worth it for the style points alone. It’ll add a rustic vibe to any space without making it look like gramma’s house.

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