Stuff I’m Digging This Week

I scour the internet on a fairly regular basis, often finding new and wonderful things for sale that pique my interest. Alas, I personally don’t have the sort of income stream to support buying all of them, but I feel like sharing what I’ve seen will help scratch that itch. Maybe I can help one of my readers find new and interesting things which is the purpose of this blog in the end. So welcome and enjoy this new weekly column that I hope to keep up on.

Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Avid Sneakers

Curious what Mr. Kjøbenhavn has been up to lately, I wandered onto his site. I admit I’ve been leery of ugly sneakers since they took off a few years ago, but they are beginning to win me over. This pair is especially notable because of how versatile it is, being in all neutral colors. It also looks like Puma is upping the style factor of their sneakers lately in order to catch up to Adidas and Nike.

Kent & Curwen Intarsia Scarf

KC has been one of my go-to labels for some time now. They can always be depended upon when you need an injection of British styling mixed with quality basic prepwear. This new scarf is one way to take advantage of the current preponderance for re-constructed goods without having to go all in or break the bank. Plus, preppy clothing is back in a big way this year, so best to get on board now.

Daily Harvest

I normally am not very responsive to advertising. I do so much research before I spend money on anything that often the things that are advertised to me don’t make sense to buy. But this ad on Facebook was different. Being that I eat a Paleo diet, I’m highly focused on veggie intake; the more the better. After pricing the service out, they don’t cost much per smoothie either. Might be worth a try.

Acne Studios Gold Andre Necklace

There are a few categories of accessories I never quite got into, and one of them is jewelry. Scarves is another (see above). I keep telling myself every year that I will finally buy great jewelry and accessorize better, but after I bought that cuff in Charleston, I just sort of gave up. This necklace is on my short list.

Planetarium Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls

After our latest round of hosting holiday parties, my husband and I have come to discover that we don’t have enough prep or serving containers. We managed to make it through the season unscathed, but it was rough going. These bowls, inspired by Saturn, will help ensure the owner is never left in the lurch for such things. Plus they just look cool!

Menswear Fashion Week Paris

This week, it was Menswear Fashion Week in Paris, and a number of shows came across my feed. Louis Vuitton’s show in particular caught my eye as it seemed particularly made for movement.

Ami continues to combine old fashioned Parisian cool with modern streetwear
Virgil Abloh took inspiration from Michael Jackson for his latest at Louis Vuitton
Zegna shows off their perfectly tailored luxurious, futuristic collection
Rick Owens’ new looks seem straight out of Blade Runner 2049, in a good way
At Dior, Kim Jones exquisitely conjures looks from the past and updates them for the future

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